Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That blogger again...

*Googles 'soviet sexuality'*
This time magazine article dates back to 1979, when the Soviet Union was still in power

And lets not forget that Nazis were putting homosexuals in the death camps.

Why did I do this? Because of this quote (from a comment to a blog comment):

"...But what you have in common with Soviet and Nazi regimes is the promotion of deviant sex to undermine morality and give the state some hold over people, even as it reduces free enterprise and private property so that they have no recourse from the state. ..."


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If you're a Brony, hide it!

Because to *some* people, even though Tizzer's alt got the boot from the group during the last Woodbury  purge, polices itself pretty well, got a new owner, sim, and staff, it's *still* a 'griefer' group.

Think I'm kidding? Here.


EDIT: It's telling that the JLU, who in light of recent events, has painted anyone with the 'griefer' brush simply for disagreeing with thier policies, considers the Bronies innocent victims of the Woodbury purge.
Read here

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I keep seeing it, I keep fucking seeing it.

Every time there's a percieved crisis, there's always at least one person saying that we should restrict those 'free accounts', like it would actually fucking fix shit. As if all free accounts are good for are throwaway copybotting, griefing, and stalking. I am fucking sick of it.

Have these smug fucks ever considered the possibilty of, maybe, not trusting thier payment info because they know someone who tried it years ago GOT THIER FUCKING BANK ACCOUNT HACKED INTO?

Or they don't have a verified Paypal account, and no desire to verify it (see above)?

Or they don't want to commit too much just in case SL dies on them?

Have they considered those possibilties?

Have they??

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grendel's Children: a run around the blogs

I woke up to a hells of a shock yesterday morning: Avaria Kro and Avaria Sav were sold off, effectively cutting the Avarian lands in half:

The SLU thread I learned this from

Most of the blogs that reported on this cited lack of customer support, though finance is a another potential reason cited among others. It's been hitting the blogs a bit, even old Prok had something to say.

What is telling about this is, through the thread and blogs, it's acting as a showcase of resident fears and concerns. After all, this is a major content provider, and for LL's lack of support....

But Grendel's still stands. There's just not as much roaming room.....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mesh: Shut up, I'm playing with it

About 48 hours with Mesh now, still playing with it. And already people are screeching that it's the End of Second Life, that they're quitting, etc. You know, the usual stuff that happens every godsdamned time there's a change. Screw it, I'll just tell both my readers my observations and go.

Full body nonhuman avatars: Hells yeah.
Full body human avatars: Why bother? It's gonna be a pain to find stuff for it. With the default body, there's at least *8 years* worth of content to choose from.
Narrow skirts: Could work
Jeans: Tried the Slink freebie. My butt was ssssssslightly bigger (as in, some of it stuck out, even with the alpha) than the Average size, so I had to wear a prim jacket to cover it up.
Hair: Could work for the style best known as 'beeline to the ground'. Jury's still out.
Jackets, Vests: Still looking (especially for a Sniper vest)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's not height, it's proportion (or, I skewer both sides)

I've got avatars of all sizes, from micros that come up to Ruth's ankle, to dragons that I can't really take anywhere because they are too big, and just about everything in between (except child avatars), so you know how picky I am about height. What I *am* picky about, when it comes to human avatars at least, is proportion.

I tire of seeing pinheaded gorillas and sticks with boobs, and I hope the ongoing education about body proportions would help. Also, sliding the breast size to 100 is just gonna make the tits square and flat like your grandmother's. If you insists on having huge gonzongas, I'd suggest prim tits. Also, ladies don't need to be as tall, it makes it easier to fix your arms to avoid T-Rex syndrome if you're a tad shorter.

So, I am the last person to suggest that everybody should be a partcular height, or petitioning LL to force people to be 'short'. Also, I am the VERY LAST person to see Creepy Marxist Childsex Lobbyists when somebody suggests we take our height sliders down a notch (seriously? SERIOUSLY? What. The. Fuck?)

... and I just ran out of things to say....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Houston, we have a (rep) problem

Ah Second Life, where I can find such a variety of things that I can see and do, and such a font of creativity....

Not according to the mainstream media, where the only thing going on is sex, sex, sex. Never mind that the largest land category isn't Adult, but rather Moderate. Never mind that yours truly is capable of going for days, if not weeks, without seeing a prim peenor, and I'm sure a lot of people are the same way.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we are witnessing the phenomena known as the Vocal Minority, where outsiders focuses on the 'freaks' of the subculture to the exclusion of everything else, painting a very distorted picture of the subculture as a whole. Ain't nothing we can change about that.

I'm not advocating censorship. Far from it, I'm a big believer of freedom of speech (meaning I may not like what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it). I just wanna reassure people that your chances of being hit in the face with a penis gun are practically nil (unless you wrote a article that hints that you may be 'terrified' of it). And maybe the rest of us can stop acting like tearoom biddies when the thought that people may be using the internet for porn crosses your collective minds.