Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If you're a Brony, hide it!

Because to *some* people, even though Tizzer's alt got the boot from the group during the last Woodbury  purge, polices itself pretty well, got a new owner, sim, and staff, it's *still* a 'griefer' group.

Think I'm kidding? Here.


EDIT: It's telling that the JLU, who in light of recent events, has painted anyone with the 'griefer' brush simply for disagreeing with thier policies, considers the Bronies innocent victims of the Woodbury purge.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I keep seeing it, I keep fucking seeing it.

Every time there's a percieved crisis, there's always at least one person saying that we should restrict those 'free accounts', like it would actually fucking fix shit. As if all free accounts are good for are throwaway copybotting, griefing, and stalking. I am fucking sick of it.

Have these smug fucks ever considered the possibilty of, maybe, not trusting thier payment info because they know someone who tried it years ago GOT THIER FUCKING BANK ACCOUNT HACKED INTO?

Or they don't have a verified Paypal account, and no desire to verify it (see above)?

Or they don't want to commit too much just in case SL dies on them?

Have they considered those possibilties?

Have they??