Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oblagatory into post


My name is Magnek Fang, and... bloody hell, these intros are hard to do...

Anyways, you've may have seen me before. You know, the one with the funky nonhuman avatars, nearly just about everywhere I go, really. Well, yours truly has started a blog right here, after about a year of running around SL, I can make the articles that I've always wanted to make, and hopefully be entertaining.

Anyways, I'm a bit of a explorer/roleplayer with a strong aversion to being a mere human in a world where you can (with the right amount of money) look like just about anything. I tend to abuse the 'anything' part a bit, to be frank.

What to expect:
*More swearing than what I do inworld. Hey, it's my territory.
*References to other fandoms. It's inescapable, everybody will wear thier fandoms on thier sleeves
*The occasional link to TVTropes or Cracked.com. Hope you have a few hours....
*Pictures as soon as I figure out picture hosting.
*The use of the word 'cunt', not in the American sense, but the British/Austrailian sense. I should prolly mark this blog 'adult' just in case.

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