Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's not height, it's proportion (or, I skewer both sides)

I've got avatars of all sizes, from micros that come up to Ruth's ankle, to dragons that I can't really take anywhere because they are too big, and just about everything in between (except child avatars), so you know how picky I am about height. What I *am* picky about, when it comes to human avatars at least, is proportion.

I tire of seeing pinheaded gorillas and sticks with boobs, and I hope the ongoing education about body proportions would help. Also, sliding the breast size to 100 is just gonna make the tits square and flat like your grandmother's. If you insists on having huge gonzongas, I'd suggest prim tits. Also, ladies don't need to be as tall, it makes it easier to fix your arms to avoid T-Rex syndrome if you're a tad shorter.

So, I am the last person to suggest that everybody should be a partcular height, or petitioning LL to force people to be 'short'. Also, I am the VERY LAST person to see Creepy Marxist Childsex Lobbyists when somebody suggests we take our height sliders down a notch (seriously? SERIOUSLY? What. The. Fuck?)

... and I just ran out of things to say....

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