Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mesh: Shut up, I'm playing with it

About 48 hours with Mesh now, still playing with it. And already people are screeching that it's the End of Second Life, that they're quitting, etc. You know, the usual stuff that happens every godsdamned time there's a change. Screw it, I'll just tell both my readers my observations and go.

Full body nonhuman avatars: Hells yeah.
Full body human avatars: Why bother? It's gonna be a pain to find stuff for it. With the default body, there's at least *8 years* worth of content to choose from.
Narrow skirts: Could work
Jeans: Tried the Slink freebie. My butt was ssssssslightly bigger (as in, some of it stuck out, even with the alpha) than the Average size, so I had to wear a prim jacket to cover it up.
Hair: Could work for the style best known as 'beeline to the ground'. Jury's still out.
Jackets, Vests: Still looking (especially for a Sniper vest)

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